Narrowcasting for every case

We offer the complete package for narrowcasting and digital signage. Our software is easy to manage and to understand so you won’t need technical skills. Our software makes it possible to create your own templates, upload custom templates, personalize content and control your templates and devices from every place in the world. The software fits for static content as advertisements and photos as for dynamic content as videos . Are you interested? We could make a price quotation for free.

What do we offer?

You will get our user friendly narrowcasting software. We will explain all the functions of this software at the bottom of this page. Beside the signage software, you will receive our signage mediaplayer. This is the hardware what is required to stream your content on a screen. Do you need screens for signage and unique content? We could offer this as well! We offer the best screens for digital signage of brands as Samsung and LG. It’s also possible that we create unique content for you. We create unique content as advertisements, branding videos and more. Everything is possible and negotiable. Just tell your wishes and we will offer you what you need.

  • Signage software
  • Signage mediaplayers
  • Optional: Screens
  • Optional: Unique content as photos, advertisements and videos

Narrowcasting from Majstra:

  • Complete narrowcasting solution with software, mediaplayers and if demanded + unique content + screens.
  • Full customized service
  • User friendly software

Narrowcasting mediaplayers

We use our Lipa mediaplayers for narrowcasting. These players are best for streaming 4K and Full HD content. The chipset, videocard and other hardware are specially made for streaming content in high quality, 24/7. The price of one signage mediaplayer is €60,- and you get a warranty of two years.

  • Streaming content in 4K and Full HD
  • Static and dynamic content
  • Two years warranty

Signage software and the possibilities

Our software has many functions and is easy to use. You don’t need any technical foreknowledge. We will sum up the most important functions of the software down here:

  • All in one digital signage software.
  • 20+ drag and drop widgets.
  • Dynamic slideshows, rss feeds, 4K and full HD videos and live weather slides.
  • Make your own content with this software.
  • Easy to upload your custom content.
  • Advanced scheduling. Making your own playlists before streaming.
  • Project playlists on multiple screens, everywhere in the world.
  • Log in everywhere and control live all your playlists and mediaplayers from a distance.
  • Everything goes through the cloud, you don’t need any storage.
  • Live integration of social media and content.
  • Compatible with Android, Windows and ChromeOS.

Remote service or installation at your place

We offer multiple options. First, you will get a manual of us for using the signage software. Do you need help? We could help from a distance through teamviewer or by phone. We also offer the possibility to come by and install the narrowcasting system at your place. This will cost you a little more.

Screens for narrowcasting

Does your company also need screens for narrowcasting? We could arrange this. Our partner LCD Media Denmark is specialized in digital signage screens. They did this for famous companies as Wagner, Jack & Jones, Bauhaus, Bestseller and Jysk. We offer a diversified range of signage screens of brands as Samsung and LG. These screens vary between 32 and 84 inch. We could give you a list with all the screens and prices so you could choose the best screen for your narrowcasting purpose.


Do you need content for digital signage?

Do you want to stream content for digital signage, but you don’t have any? No problem. Our software makes it possible to create unique content, you don’t need any technical skills for this. But we could also make unique content. We create static content as photos and advertisements, but also dynamic content as video’s and company video’s. You just need to give your input and we will do the rest. We will make the best offer for you.

Our prices

  • Digital signage software advanced. €20,- per player per month.
  • Lipa signage mediaplayer. One-off €60,- with a warranty of 2 years.
  • Screens. Upon request.
  • Unique content. Upon request.